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Sell Side

Optimal Seller-Buyer Matching

Sell Side

Matching the Seller with the Best Buyer

The Enginuity Group's sell side package is the most comprehensive in the M & A industry.

It starts with a comprehensive audit/evaluation of the company to identify what needs adjustment before preparing it for market. It ends not with the closing, but only after the parties have gone through a smooth post closing transition of employee, customers and systems.

Business sale formats

E|Enginuity specializes in expertly transitioning company ownership. Their unique process consists of 16 modules that add value to achieve your objectives.

E|E's 16 Module Process

The following graphic demonstrates the general process, but each client and situation is unique, so the normal order is adjusted to fit that special situation.

Ownership transfer

the achievement of objectives in the transition process.

Every company has a life cycle and, at some point in the cycle, turning it over to new owners becomes an option . There are many formats for a business sale. It ranges from partial to full; one with long transition to no transition at all; and everything in between. Regardless of the ultimate style and structure, after all the years of hard work and personal dedication to its success, the time comes to pass it on.

When that time comes, you owe it to yourself and your employees to make sure this transition is handled by experts who have been there and done it all. More importantly, you want to make sure that you get the absolute best price and transaction structure. That comes from working with specialists. E|Enginuity is not only a specialist, but it has a totally different approach to this transition.

The actual E|Enginuity process for transitioning a company to a buyer is designed and assembled as a project just like you do in your business. There is a scope of work with tasks and a work plan. It is executed in a professional 16 module process where each step adds work product and value for you and the transition objective. You will see how we are building a sale or purchase per your scope of work. This is the E|E advantage over the business broker who provides only pieces of these critical components and usually does not view this as a project, just a listing.

Key Steps in the Transition Process

E|Enginuity offers a comprehensive and expert-driven approach to company transitions, guiding you through each step of the process.

Step 1

Business Readiness Evaluation

E|E kickstarts the process with a comprehensive assessment using the G3 Accelerated Value Diagnostic, empowering you to identify operational strengths, address weaknesses, and align with buyer perspectives, all while E|E works closely with you to optimize your company's readiness for buyer exposure.

Step 2


E|E's proprietary valuation model, honed over three decades with real-world data, provides accurate and defensible numbers tailored to the unique variables of the environmental, engineering, architecture, and construction industries. We prioritize what buyers value and do not engage in value inflation tactics, ensuring honest and reliable valuations that we stand by during negotiations for your final deal.

Step 3

Preparation of the Offering Memorandum

E|E streamlines the offering memorandum with a clear and concise template, catering to the priorities of both strategic and financial buyers. Free from unnecessary details and fluff, it presents an executive summary, company overview, services, credentials, growth potential, financial summary, and projections in a professional, easily digestible format.

Step 4

Marketing the Opportunity

E|E's targeted approach minimizes unqualified leads and maximizes quality buyers by focusing on strategic and financial buyers aligned with your objectives. With a vast network and database, we distribute the Executive Summary through multiple channels, including USPS mail, email, mergers and acquisitions/business sale sites, and financial industry dashboards. Rest assured, your business information remains strictly confidential throughout the process.

Step 5

Mutual due Diligence

Save valuable time and avoid the complexities of the due diligence process with E|E. As specialists in architectural-engineering-environmental-construction industries, we exclusively work with serious buyers in these fields. Leveraging our expertise, we utilize a comprehensive standardized checklist, covering 95% of buyer data requests. Through our secure electronic data room, your information remains confidential and readily accessible, ensuring a streamlined and efficient due diligence process.

Step 6

Transaction Structure / Negotiations

Choose the right partner for deal structuring and negotiations. With E|E's expertise and experience in buying and selling companies for over 35 years, we understand the importance of maximizing value through strategic deal structuring. Don't leave your success to chance—let us negotiate terms that go beyond the initial deal, ensuring you get the most out of your sale with innovative earn out and performance bonus structures.

Step 7

Transaction Closing

With our meticulous pre-closing checklists and in-house legal expertise, we mitigate the risk of a failed closing by addressing every loose end and ensuring a coordinated process. Our standardized legal templates for asset and stock purchases not only save you time but also reduce the burden and expenses of hiring your own attorney. Rest assured, the closing will be handled smoothly and efficiently, securing the successful completion of your sale.

Step 8

Transition Oversight

At E|E, we understand that the transition of ownership and personnel is crucial for the success of your sale. With our decades of experience managing transitions, we provide this service as part of our engagement. We don't leave you alone to deal with this critical aspect of the sale. From employee and customer announcements to creative use of employment agreements and internal operational training, we guide you through the process for a smooth transition, ensuring your realization of all your money.