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Buy Side

Research, Source, Target, Secure, Deliver

The E|E Buy Side Packages

Acquiring add on companies to an existing platform entity is one of the fastest ways to expand both in size, geographic coverage and value. Or finding that ideal platform in the ideal industry for a search fund, is critical to the ultimate outcome of the venture. Such acquisitions are a very important component in a comprehensive growth plan.

Why would you want to spend 10 years marketing, selling, hiring and managing a 5% organic growth rate to double your company size and triple its value, when you can acquire an add-on to expand your geographic market, add addition services to all your clients and obtain the same increase in value in six months? And in most cases for much less cost!!!

The Enginuity Group is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your "Buy Side" objectives

Buy Side


The Principals of The Enginuity Group only began offering M & A services to clients a few years ago. Before that for 35 years they were busy designing and executing "roll ups" (creation of a larger company by acquiring several smaller companies) in the environmental engineering and pharmaceutical sectors.


In order to accomplish a roll up, one must determine which types of entities need to be acquired, conduct in depth industry research to identify companies that meet that criteria, craft a method to approach that company to engage them in discussion of possibly selling (almost none were "for sale"), creating a financial model which benefited the shareholders, and only then introduce them to the team.


As with any endeavor, after doing that for 35 years, they developed hardened, "on the job training" skills and techniques to design, source, target, secure and acquire companies that had not considered selling at the time. Over that same 35 years they developed creative approaches and a thorough understanding of just how valuable good early research is to success.

Today The Enginuity Group's revenue comes from both sell and buy side engagements, with "buy side" accounting for approximately half. They work with a host of private equity firms, strategic buyers, search funds, family offices and individuals to deliver the company they want to acquire.

The E|E Comprehensive Buy Side Packages

Success and efficiency begins with organization. With buy side engagements, the process has many moving parts, so, in order to help keep them organized, the program, like others at E|E, is organized into five (5) to seven (7) components depending on the package the client needs

Some clients need for us to source and deliver the target to an introductory meeting. Others all of the pre-LOI due diligence, materials gathering and negotiations leading to an LOI. While others who are resource limited, ask us to manage the entire process through transaction closing.

That is why we offer our buy side services in three (3) distinct packages with three (3) different fee structures.

  • Package A: Research, Source, Deliver Targets
  • Package B: Plus all Pre-LOI Due Diligence through LOI
  • Package C: Plus all Post-LOI Services through Closing
  • Plus, the Search Funder Start up Package

Why Choose The Enginuity Group for your Search Fund, New Platform or Add On?

40 years Experience, Stellar Track Record of Delivering What the Client Wants.

  • Rifle Shot Targeting - (vs wide net targeting). This ability is due to having spent four (4) decades as buyers themselves and therefore have honed an unique approach to sourcing the target that is not for sale.
  • Creative Transaction Structuring - to leverage buyer’s cash while maximizing sellers' total value
  • Unique approach to small, niche “tuck in” acquisitions to streamline and reduce buyer cash outlay
  • Principal-in-Charge Every buy side engagement regardless of scope and size, is managed by a senior E|E principal and not an analyst.
  • Four (4) Options to fit different clients' needs