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Value Enhancement with the Business Readiness Evaluation


Flow Chart Graphic for Value Enhancement

Every company and its owner/s are unique. Each has its own goals and objectives. Some wish to grow. Some are considering a path for retirement and need to prepare their company for transition to a new buyer.  Regardless of the reasons and motivations, the process of growing a company both in revenue and profit, as well as selling a company begins, with getting it ready for those tasks.

E|Enginuity only works with architectural, environmental, engineering and related professional service companies. We are not generalists but specialists in this one area of mergers and acquisitions. We also know what it takes to get it in shape for a solid platform for growth and/or the highest company value, whether you are selling soon or years in the future. Eventually it is going to be passed on to others, so it is smart to start the preparation now.

E|E uses a very Precise, Step-by-Step Process to Evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Company and then

Helps You Tune it Up

On Site Assessment


E|Enginuity uses a proprietary process called the Business Readiness Evaluation (BRE). This powerful process  addresses six key areas of the company from financial analysis through business development. It addresses a total of 25-50 primary variables, depending on the company size,  that are known to be the most important ones in contribution to stability, value of the company and marketability. The investigation and analysis process results in a quantification of each variable and each of the six categories. Each is scored, enabling a prioritization of corrective actions to be implemented. 

But, more importantly, the variables have been carefully chosen to focus on the areas that buyers are interested in. Whether you are planning to sell soon or later, getting the company audited with this unique and exacting program gives you and your management team an objective evaluation and scoring tool.  The BRE is used to implement the clean up process and to get the most from the sale and/or growth and expansion program.

Oversee Corrective Action


From the BRE, as well as a thorough onsite review of your operations, you will be provided with detailed recommendations for getting the company ready for growth and/or sale. E|Enginuity provides the recommendations in a detailed report that addresses each of the 6 groups and all 50 of the key performance indicators. Each has specific action items to bring it up to the recommended level preparing you for growth and/or the highest priced sale.

E|Enginuity  then assists you and your management team in implementing the recommendations. Your E|Enginuity manager is available at all times to coordinate, assist and oversee the progress of implementing the recommendations.  Some recommendations are a bit harder to implement or take more time than others, but with prioritized items, it makes the updating process go smoothly.


And if the company is in a seriously imbalanced state, we can perform a complete company turnaround.

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