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Opinion of Market Value

The Process

If you would like to have EE perform a valuation of your company, the following are the steps:

  • Download the questionnaire and NDA by clicking on the red buttons below 

  • Complete the questionnaire and leave nothing blank including the section "Tell US About Your Company".

  • Sign the NDA at the end of the questionnaire

  • Gather the required financial documents listed in the questionnaire and return to us in Excel to the same email address.

  • Zip all and send to:">

  • Schedule a valuation prep telephone call. When you send us back the questionnaire and materials, please indicate a couple of times you can be available for a short call to go over your responses.

  • Provide any supplemental data that may have been requested in the phone call

  • Your file is assigned to a Specialist. Expect your report in about 2-3 weeks. During this time you might receive an email or call if there are items that are unclear.

  • The Opinion of Market Value report is sent to you by e-mail. If you wish to go over the report, just give us a call or email and we will schedule it.


   If you have questions, feel free to call or write us                   




Welcome to our private valuation page. Since you are here, you must have received an invitation by mail or email offering you our exclusive AEEC Opinion of Market Value service.   


There are many reasons why AEEC firms should know their market value for it many times forms the basis for planning your ultimate sale and transition to a new owner, for growth with additional folded in satellite acquisitions or for general estate planning or other personal needs. Additionally, it can provide clarity and reality to the expectation. Better to have facts than guesses.


One of The Enginuity Group's most demanded services is its comprehensive "Opinion of Market Value". It is offered at no cost for invited AEEC companies. There is absolutely no payment required or commitment to become a client in order to use this service as this is one of the investments we make in the industry we have lived in and contributed to for four decades.


There are numerous online "valuation" offers that allow the visitor to plug in 6-8 variables and out comes a valuation. Those are nothing but toy models and gimmicks to lure in potential new clients. And they almost always produce a higher than realistic value for obvious reasons. They do a disservice to the professional M & A industry. Because you might use the outcome of a market valuation to make critical, sometimes, multi million dollar decisions, it stands to reason that you want a real market valuation that is done by professionals using old fashioned and detailed analysis for the exercise. That can't be done online for there are simply too many variables and too many subjective type items that affect the value.


The foundation of the EE market valuation is its very sophisticated financial model with custom programmed algorithms and special input variables that not only get to the basic value, but also refines the value range to narrow it to a small percentage deviation. Additionally, after some 40 years of programming and refining the process, EE knows that the value alone is not the only item of importance to a company owner/s. Equally and sometimes even more important, the EE Opinion of Market Value goes further to provide you with a structural outline of what you should expect in how that value is monetized and realized upon a sale......whether you are buying or selling. Don't delay for this is a first come, first served offer.

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