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Valuation Opinion

In order for you to get a general idea of what you can expect from a company sale, E|Enginuity offers you an initial 'Market Valuation Opinion' based on information you provide us. This is a service that is offered at no charge or obligation. We know that the thought of selling your company is one that you do not take lightly, but at the same time, all businesses at  some point in their life cycle are sold to others for various reasons. Just as it is difficult to make a decision to sell your car or house without knowing approximately what that value is and how it might be different under different transaction structure, the same applies to selling a company.

In order to run the valuation and present you with a range based on different transaction structures, we will need some information from you. In order for you to be assured that your information is being kept confidential, we also include with the information checklist a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality agreement. Just click on the button to the left to download the NDA and Questionnaire/Checklist. Download the forms, fill them out, attach the financial statements (they do not have to be audited at this point), and send the files.

When complete, please send files (zipped is preferred) to

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 877.211.9773.




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