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Company Turnaround Service

It can happen to the best of companies, no matter how well you have tried to keep it balanced and growing. Sometimes the causes were out of your control, and sometimes, it was simply due to too much growth, too fast or a brief time where the eye was off the ball. No matter the reason, when a company needs more than just a tweaking, here or there, and the entire operations is out of sync, it is time for a complete 'turnaround'.


Whether the problems are in only one or two areas or across the entire company, so long as the fundamental product/service is sound and there is a market for it, the infrastructure can usually be reorganized and totally turned around.


We believe that this begins with a thorough audit of the operations to identify exactly which items and areas are in need of adjustment or complete rebuilding and prioritizing those into a well-designed turnaround plan. E|Enginuity uses the same G3 proprietary audit program (Business Readiness Evaluation) described in the Value Enhancement section to quickly assess the problem areas. Then we develop a turnaround plan, and with the help of company management, execute the plan until the objective is achieved.


Contact us today for a confidential discussion about what A|E can do to get your company back on track and growing.

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