We Transition Lower Middle Market Companies

E|E can help you transition smoothly & efficiently.


Every company management/owners at some point in their development experience face either or all of three different challenges and decisions. They need to transition to something else, some other state, for many reasons and those reasons being unique to each company's owner and shareholders.

Whether it is to grow and expand, reorganize and get the ship balanced and stable, or it is time to sell the company and pass it on to others - all owners deal with each of these at some point. They are dealing with transitioning in one form or another. Transition is a part of life, whether it be corporate or for humans and other life forms. We all find ourselves transitioning to something else over time.

All Companies are in One or More of these Developmental States

If you are not growing, you are losing value. Growth is what it is all about for many reasons. If you are stuck and can't seem to grow, let E|Enginuity develop a plan and manage it with you, so you can not only grow vertically with new services but horizontally for new geographic markets. Growth is everything until it is time to sell. 

All companies get out of kilter - it is no reason to be ashamed. Most  owners are not trained in business structure, business development,  financial metrics, personnel or cash flow management. You know your technical trade but sometimes you need others to help you get the ship righted and balanced. That is where E|Enginuity comes in to help.

That time comes to all company ownership. Whether it is a long range plan or a need for a quick transition, E|Enginuity has a very unique, professional 8 step way of not only finding the right strategic (or financial) buyer but to get you the best terms for you, your employees and your legacy, at the highest price with the least disruption to business.