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Target Company Sourcing

For most small to mid sized AEC companies, continued vertical growth in a local market is limited due to competition and total available projects. Therefore, in order to continue to grow, the most logical avenue is to expand horizontally, ie. to another geographic service area. This can be accomplished by either/or seeding/starting a new branch operation or by acquisition of a similar company in the area. The former is less costly but slower to realize the revenue and earnings. The latter is, obviously more expensive, but immediately adds a new revenue and earnings stream to offset the cost.


E|Enginuity and it's parent company have been sourcing acquisition targets for decades. It maintains and keeps current, a large list of companies in the environmental, engineering, architecture and energy consulting sectors. Any sourcing assignment can be easily carried out due to E|Enginuity's knowledge of the industries and with such an extensive database. 

E|Enginuity will work with you and your management team to design and execute a comprehensive growth strategy incorporating both expansion by acquisition as well as vertical growth components when applicable. If capital is an issue for your expansion plans, E|Enginuity can assist you in sourcing investment capital as well.

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