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E|E's 8 Part   Package

Every company has a life cycle and toward the end of that cycle is the passing it on to someone else to own and operate. There are many forms of a business sale from partial to full, to one with long transition to no transition at  all and everything in between. Regardless of the ultimate style and structure, after all the years of hard work and personal dedication to it's success, the time comes to pass it on.


When that time comes, you owe it to yourself and your employees to make sure this transition is handled by experts in this industry who have been there and done it all. But, more importantly, you want to make sure that you get the absolute best price and transaction structure. That comes with working with specialists. And E|Enginuity is not only a specialist, but it has a totally different approach to this transition.


The actual E|Enginuity process for selling the company is executed  in a professional eight (8) step process which results in time saving efficiency and the best value. The typical business broker provides only 3-4 of these critical components.


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The E|E 8 Step Transition Process



It all begins with a complete operational and financial assessment of the company using the proprietary G3 Accelerated Value Diagnostic process. By using such a powerful tool, E|E will be able to analyze with you, the areas of strengths and weaknesses in your operations. While the rest of the steps are being undertaken, E|E will work with you and your management to straighten the shop and get it in the best possible shape for its exposure to the buyers.  The outcomes of the audit is a listing by contributory priority of the areas needing the most attention. This is the period that E|E gets to know you, your company and your ultimate objectives.        


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E|E uses its proprietary valuation model that is specifically tailored to fit the  unique variables contributing to the valuation in the environmental, engineering, architecture and construction industries. Our valuation is not from a canned piece of software that most business brokers use, but one that deals with the variables that are important to what buyers want, what they will pay for and what they will not. It comes with over three decades of refinement with real world numbers from real transactions. We do not play  games of inflating the value and then let buyers negotiate it down. Our professional valuations are honest, with defensible  numbers. And we stand by them in negotiating the final deal for you.

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E|E uses a straight forward, easy to read offering memorandum template that focuses on what both strategic as well as financial  buyers care about. It is simple, straight forward and is not padded with a lot of unimportant information nor a lot of fluff to fill up pages. The style provides:

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Company Services

Professional Credentials

Growth Potential

Financial Summary

Projections - Next Steps

It is formatted and organized in a professional easy to read manner.



E|E, unlike a generalist intermediary, does not throw open the wide net to everyone, but focuses on strategic  as well as financial buyers based our your objectives of who to pass the company on to. With a database of thousands of industry and financial buyers, in addition to our strong network of business intermediaries around the country, the Executive Summary  is distributed by both USPS mail as well as e-mail. The opportunity is also placed on specific mergers and acquisitions/business sale sites as well as dashboards for financial industry buyers and investors.  The  E|E approach minimizes the number of unqualified "tire kickers" and maximizes the number of quality buyers. And, of course, all is done under the protection of strict confidentiality.



This part, if not managed professional by those who know the business and industry, can be a huge time consuming monster. Because E|E specializes in only these industries, it only works with serious experienced engineering-environmental-construction buyers. And because it knows how this can be such a potentially long ordeal having done many  as buyers, it does something that you will not find with other business intermediaries. It have a standardized checklist that covers 95% of the pieces of data that the buyer is going to request, and that data is organized ahead of time in a private and confidential password secured electronic data room so that the process is quicker, more efficient and saves you and your staff valuable time.

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This is probably the most important part of what we do for you. After 35 years of buying and selling companies, we are still amazed at what little emphasis is placed on this critical step. Millions are lost every day due to brokers and intermediaries leaving this to the client. E|E with your permission, provides professional deal structuring and negotiations on your behalf. The value itself is not everything, but more importantly, is how the value is paid out , under which terms, over what length of time and with what protections for the seller. In many cases, due to our decades of experience, we can negotiate terms that provide you with more value than the initial deal called for through various creative earn out and performance bonus structures.



After you have gone through the audit, the cleanup process and the entire sales process, believe it or not, your sale can all fall apart at the closing. This is primarily due to a sloppy process that results in having too many lose ends left unresolved to be dealt with at the closing table.  By the use of our detailed pre- closing checklists, we minimize the potential of a failed closing. Further and equally important to you is that because we have our own in house mergers/acquisition attorney, we have developed the complete set of standardized legal templates for the  closing documents for both asset and well as stock purchases, greatly minimizing the work and associated fees from your own  attorney. The closing is done smoothly and efficiently.



Unless your sale is an all cash one, which are not very common (most will have cash and earn out,  and sometimes equity), the transition of ownership and personnel is as critical to overall success and your realization all of your money, as another other step. But, this is almost never provided by the typical business intermediary/broker.  Most simply don't know how as they don't specialize in this field. Having managed transitions for decades, this is not an option, but it is provided to you as part of the engagement. E|E doesn't' leave you alone to deal with this sometimes fragile aspect of the sale. From employee and customer announcements, creative use of employment agreements, and internal operational training, we help you through the process for a smooth transition.   

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