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Company Restructuring

Graphic for Organization

In most cases, a small company that has grown into a much larger company can't support an efficient operation on the same organizational structure that it once had. When a company has 7 employees, each can report directly to the owner, but when that same company has grown to 50 employees, that structure insures chaos and stress - not to mention terrible inefficiency.

It might sound simple to just change the organization chart but it is not that simple. The company needs to be in the best balance, with proper communication, supervisory flow and fiscal accountability. There are many aspect of a company restructuring that have to be addressed including IT systems, financial systems upgrade, training, redefined human resources items, position descriptions, delegation flow and above all, capital balance and accountability/authority

The principals of E|Enginuity have decades of experience with fast growing companies which includes constant restructuring at various size levels. This process is not a science, it is an art, and it takes people who have been there and done that to provide restructuring for your company.

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