General Background and

Qualifications for a BI License


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As with most businesses, the successful ones usually have founders who have appropriate backgrounds in the various aspects of that particular business. Most successful restaurants are started by either chefs or those with restaurant backgrounds. Likewise, to be successful in starting and growing a E|E BI operation, it stands to reason that certain skill sets and employment backgrounds will tend to indicate a high potential for success.


There is no hard and fast criteria for qualifications, as many successful business intermediaries had no background in business, accounting, finance or similar areas. But, generally, applicants for a license to operate a regional E|Enginuity unit, should possess some of the following skills and backgrounds:


  • Ability to multitask

  • Polished speech & presentation

  • Outgoing personality

  • Like to work with people

  • OK with flex time & travel

  • Organized

  • Have no fear of “rejection”

  • Educated (formal or otherwise)


  • Real estate sales/brokerage

  • Business brokerage/M & A

  • Investment/financial counseling

  • C Level sales

  • Financial planning / exit planning

  • Business ownership or management

  • Familiarity with accounting & finance

  • Familiarity with  capital/stock structures