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What is Provided by Each Other

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What Affiliate Provides the Affiliation

  • Licensed Affiliation annual agreement click here

  • One point person as Affiliate Program Coordinator

  • Initial training attendance and monthly 30-minute zoom meetings

  • Promotion of The Enginuity Group and Affiliate Program

  • A brief monthly online activity report

In order to be successful in using this program to its fullest extent it is necessary that we each commit to providing what is necessary  to engage with clients and work together. We outline the resources and commitment we make to our affiliates below. At the same time, as an affiliate, we ask that you make certain commitments to us and the program. As you can see below, these commitments are minimal, but they are important.

The Enginuity Group (EE) provides its affiliates:

  • Online orientation/overview training for the affiliate’s MA coordinator and any other affiliate employees who would like to attend.

  • Print and web-based materials to promote the Affiliation

  • Assigned Enginuity Group Principal

  • Print and web-based materials describing The Enginuity Group’s services

  • Enginuity Group promotion of affiliate relationship (referrals, website listing, press release, etc.)

  • The affiliate’s portion of the M&A fees for projects referred by you


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