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E|Enginuity is unique. We evolved from decades of buying and selling companies for our own roll ups. We have seen it all. We are a result of experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is Their Story

This is a group of award winning entrepreneurs who stumbled into this niche of matching AEC buyers and sellers.

In 1982, the founder launched a small startup environmental services firm with a $20,000 loan in the back room of an architect's office, and then grew it to be the largest environmental engineering firm in the country by the end of that decade. Hall Kimbrell drove the early rules and practices of the newly emerging environmental services industry, garnered the Inc. #9 award for growth, and had over 1100 employees, 30 facilities and the largest market share in that young new industry. It grew both organically and through acquisition of small niche architecture, engineering and environmental firms. In 1988, the founder and president was honored by President Reagan as US Entrepreneur of the Year at a White House Rose Garden ceremony.

Since selling HK to a larger engineering firm in 1990, the principals have assembled successful engineering, environmental and pharmaceutical roll-ups across the country. With many years of experience buying companies, meeting owners and entrepreneurs, and interacting with business brokers in the process, they were being asked to find good strategic and financial buyers for companies that were transitioning to the next stage, whether growing or selling.  They had been on the "buy side" for decades and had extensive databases of who is who in the various subsets of the industries. It stood to reason that they had the tools in place to match the right buyers and sellers, based on their specific needs.

During one of their roll ups in 2016, they were asked to take on the first paying “sell side” client , a Florida based civil engineering firm who was not interested in the roll up, but did want to sell her company to a qualified buyer. They agreed and that was the birth of The Enginuity Group.  


Having been primarily on the "buy side" throughout their careers, they could observe and critique how brokers and intermediaries were approaching the sell side.  It appeared that, as with many lightly regulated industries, each broker had a unique non-standardized approach...some good......some not so great. Over the years, they observed several emerging and mature industries that didn't seem to have a standardized format for providing these services. So, when they decided to provide buy and sell side services to clients rather than only for their own roll ups, they developed what is now one of the most comprehensive step by step processes , both sell side and buy side,in the industry, leaving nothing out.


Today, the Enginuity Group provides professional turnkey packages to its architecture, engineering, environmental, construction and related clients based on standardized methodologies and processes. This provides enhanced efficiency and a complete buy or sell side service from initial company review through post-closing transition.

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