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Operating an E|E Regional Unit



Your operation is yours. We have licensed your company to provide E|E services under the E|E banner with E|E procedures.  It is your company, your employees, your territory. We start by helping you set up your operation from supplying you with the necessary materials to get started. We even help you recruit, interview and bring on board sales professionals and other staff as needed. We give you guidance both during training and afterwards on the best structure for you to be the most successful in your particular territory.


Unlike a franchise, where the franchisee provides most all of the labor, capital and resources to the account, this licensing program is one where you provide part of the service, but until you are experienced, each new account will also have a corporate principal to assist you. Until you have mastered the skills on your own so as to minimize the need for corporate assistance, the principals of the company will help you secure the engagements by attending meetings with you and your potential client and provide much of the actual process with your help. We not only help you get started with a very intensive 4 month public/media relations and marketing campaign, we talk to you regularly and help you navigate the pains of a start up and then growing to maximize your full potential


More detail on the operations and corporate assistance is found in the Offering Prospectus. If you would like a copy, please click the red button, fill out the form and we will then set up a time to talk to you and send you the prospectus.

E|E uses a very precise, step-by-step process to streamline your regional operations with corporate support being only a phone call away

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