Operating an E|E Regional Unit


Unlike a franchise, where the franchisee provides most all of the labor, capital and resources to the account, this licensing program is one where you provide part of the service, but until you are experienced, each new account will also have a corporate principal to assist you. Until you have mastered the skills on your own so as to minimize the need for corporate assistance, the principals of the company will help you secure the engagements by attending meetings with you and your potential client and provide much of the actual process with your help.


Naturally the larger engagements will need more of corporate group’s time and resources, with the smaller accounts needing less. And because of this joint approach, the amount of the fees received per engagement is distributed to you and the company in a varying split which change as you demonstrate your ability to provide more and more of the entire package to the client under the E|E banner.

As you gain experience under your license after working with E|E for some time, you can move up the tiers for even higher commissions. As the requirement for corporate time diminishes, corresponding, your portion of the total fees increases.


A complete Licensing Program Prospectus outlining the program including fees and income is available. If this interests you, please complete the form by clicking on the red button below. After a brief telephone discussion you will then receive the confidential prospectus.

E|E uses a very precise, step-by-step process to streamline your regional operations with corporate support being only a phone call away




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