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Professional Overview

Kendall, is an enterprising, entrepreneurial, and deeply experienced Chief Executive Office and Managing Partner who thrives on assisting companies and clients of all backgrounds. His 20+ years of combined experience in M&A advisory, global strategy and founding companies have prepared him to continually take on new and more complex challenges with additional responsibilities and interesting problems to solve.

His background showcases his expertise in the fields of corporate business integrations, advisory management consulting, joint ventures and partnerships. His peers, clients and business partners alike recognize him as an effective communicator, relationship builder and industry leader.

This office serves the  Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah Georgia, and Charleston, SC areas with both buy and sell side M&A packages as well as variety of other corporate advisory services.


For more information, please contact Kendall at (877) 762-9982 or

Work Experience


President and Principal                                                                                                                                                                          

Provides a very professional Mergers & Acquisitions service to its clients based on standardized methodologies and processes to enhance the efficiency for our clients, and provide a much more thorough service in managing both the buy and sell-side from initial company review through a post-closing transition. 



Car Sales Consultant                                                                                     

  • Engaging in the daily task of calling leads 

  • Maintaining customer relations with previous and prospective clients 

  • Setting appointments and closing sales

  • Day to day team interaction to create an outstanding customer experience

  • Marketing every week within a designated territory to obtain business partners and generate leads.


Senior Account Manager                                                                             

●  Management of Customer Service                                                                 ●   Gaining business leads                                                                           ●  Human Resource Management                                                                     ●   Sales and Marketing                                                                                  ●  Financial Performance                                                                                 ●   Fleet Management                                                                                    ●  Maintenance of Units                                                                                 ●  Corporate Accounts                                                                                   ●  Goal setting                                                                                              ●   Operations                                                                                              ●  Marketing                                                                                                


Forming relationships with surrounding communities in order to drive business, and increase growth. Provide a high level of customer service by assessing customers' rental needs.

Maintain relationships with several businesses and customers including local and national corporate customers.


President & CEO                                                                                 

As President and Chief Executive Officer, I oversee global strategy operations for KEG-Financial, Inc. Disciplined and focused with a proven track record of consistently meeting sales goals and competitive company metrics. Team player and passionate about helping others while achieving bottom-line results. Maintains strong alliances with media, corporate, business owners, and community leaders. Implements innovative ideas and provide outstanding customer service to improve positive exposure and profitability for clients. Successful history managing key client relationships. Exceptional Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring Skills. Responsible for creating greater revenue generation through client connectivity and client penetration. Skilled in Negotiation, Customer Service, Sales, Retail, B2B, Finance and most importantly building relationships. Which is my number one goal!!

Founder, Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                                                                                 Better-One Better Two Relationship Academy & Empowerment Center, Inc

Dr. Kendall McKnight, Relationship Expert is a leading Influential Master Relationship Coach, Life Strategist, Talk Show Host, Thought Leader, & Certified Marriage Educators focusing on building stronger marriages and relationships through education. We served thousands of couples. We have found that couples who are engaged or contemplating marriage, can benefit from understanding the stages of intimate relationship communication, conflict resolution skills, and creating conditions that can support growth in the relationship. Recognized nationally across the nation as experts in Relationship Issues.                                                                                                                                                                


BA-Psychology The Citadel, The Military School of South Carolina

MA-Clinical Counseling at Webster University

Doctorate: Christian Studies, International Miracle Institute

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