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Raising Investment Capital

raising investment capital

The principals of E|Enginuity have been building multi-company organizations for decades. During that time, they have worked with numerous private equity and mezzanine finance firms who focus on the AEC industries. There is a lot of capital in the market today looking to be placed with strong profitable growth companies. However, it is a daunting task to weed through the various firms to find one that fits one particular company's unique needs.

E|Enginuity maintains an extensive database of thousands of firms from both an equity investment focus, as well as structured finance using part equity and part debt. Additionally, it maintains relationships with several large senior commercial lenders that work for AEC companies.

Finding the capital, or loans, is not the most important or the challenging part. It is having a thorough handle on the type and mix of financing that a company needs balanced with its ability to service the debt and willingness to take levels of ownership dilution in exchange for investments.

E|Enginuity knows how to evaluate your needs and act as an intermediary to find and negotiate the financing package for your company.

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