The E|Enginuity Business Intermediary Licensing Program

An E|E Licensed Operation means Standardized and Streamlined Processes and High Income

Enjoy a Lucrative & Exciting Career as a

Licensed E|Enginuity Business Intermediary

There are some 28 million businesses in the US. Each one, at any given time, is engaged in either growing, correcting or looking toward a short or long-term transition to a new owner. For the most part those who assist owners with the transitions and growth are either business brokers who work with smaller companies and business intermediaries, who work primarily with companies with greater than $5 million in revenue. E|Enginuity works primarily in the $5-100 million revenue range. As the industry of buying and selling companies is quite unregulated, the quality of services owners receive varies widely.

The Enginuity Group and its principals have been buying, selling and turning around companies for over 35 years. During that time, they have seen most all the common mistakes made by business brokers, accountants and lawyers in bringing qualified buyers and managing the transition process. They have also seen millions of dollars wasted and/or “left on the table” due to a lack of understanding of how to craft the best deal structure to maximize investment returns for their clients. And mostly, they have had to muddle their way through many deals that were disorganized and chaotic resulting in valuable wasted time and money.

Because of the very non standardized, mostly unregulated approach to both business sales and acquisitions, and drawing from decades of experience in standardizing components and processes of similar industries, EE has applied simple, yet effective standardized approaches to the process of being  a lower middle market Business Intermediary and have packaged that into a professional Business Intermediary Licensing program now offered to qualified individuals and companies who would like to learn how to be an E|Enginuity Business Intermediary and grow their own operation under the EE banner.

If you have wanted to start your own business, have a good aptitude and experience with company structure, familiarity with accounting and finance, and like working with company executives, you just might enjoy being an E|E Business Intermediary.

There is a lot of information to go over which has been organized into an easy to follow booklet/prospectus. In the booklet you will find detail on backgrounds that tend to fit, operations, financial aspects of set up and your income, as well as frequently asked questions. To access that book, simply click on the red button below.

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An E|E Licensed Business Intermediary is provided with a comprehensive package of not only corporate support and in depth-training, but a starting package of numerous materials and services needed to get your operations off the ground and producing at a high level.

Do you have what it takes to become a licensed E|E Business Intermediary? Click on the red button above for a complete 40 page prospectus and application

As an E|E Business Intermediary, you are part of an award winning group who have been buying, selling and correcting scores of companies over the last four decades. After so many years in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, they have taken, what is normally a very custom, non standardized approach to buy and sell side processes, and standardized it into a simple to follow package.

You set up and run your own operation with an experienced EE principal to work with you and mentor you through the journey.

The financial rewards are numerous. Most business intermediaries make well into the six figures, and whose who set up their operations with commissioned agents make into the $ millions. The EE fees are high and commensurate with the amount of work required. And the fee splits with EE are very generous.


The licensing fee is a fraction of other similar franchises at only $9750 for the complete program, a small investment for large returns.

The qualifications to be successful as an E|E Business Intermediary naturally require both experience, education, aptitude and skills necessary for the particulars of this career.

Although EE does not have rigid minimums, generally you should be familiar with company operations, ownership structures, high level sales, and be familiar with accounting and finance. Additionally you should be a self starter with the fire in the belly to build a successful operation.




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