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How the Licensed Affiliate Program Works

The Affiliate Program allows your firm to leverage The Enginuity Group’s M&A expertise and allows your firm to meet a wider menu of client needs. Similarly, The Enginuity Group can better leverage and partner with your professional services (accounting, legal, management consulting, real estate, etc.). It works similar to most all affiliate programs. By partnering together, we can both provide the client an efficient means of obtaining needed services through our affiliated relationship.


We are paid a fee based on a percentage of the purchase price with a small advance up front and the majority at the transaction closing. For your coordination assistance, we provide you with 7.5% of our fee for engagements that you refer to The Enginuity Group.

Additionally, you can separately charge for other services that we do not provide as part of our buy-side or sell-side packages (e.g. drafting legal documents, accounting services, etc.). Under the Affiliate Program, your firm will have two income streams, one from the Affiliate Program and one from the complementary professional services that you separately bill. As an affiliate, we may also refer other clients to you for these complementary services, which provides additional sources of income and business relationships through your affiliated relationship with The Enginuity Group.


The Affiliate Program is a new pilot program that will initially focus on test areas in North Carolina and Virginia.  We will also limit the number of affiliated firms that will participate in the pilot program, but plan to expand after the pilot program is complete. Since this is a pilot program, we understand that there will be a learning curve and the program will be refined before full implementation

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Without such “affiliation” many times your clients don’t even consider using you for the M & A because they don’t consider you an M & A firm, and therefore take their plans to sell or buy to an outside M & A shop, many times also taking the accounting or other services with them.


By effectively bringing The Enginuity Group into your firm and your offerings, you are providing a one stop shop for your client, keeping services from leaving the firm and making a nice fee without any added overhead. There are not many business structures that can provide that at no capital investment or added overhead.


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