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Financial Rewards of being an

E|E Business Intermediary



Licensing Fee/Financial Options

Unlike the high entry fees charged by business broker - M&A franchises and similar arrangements with different M & A firms, E|E keeps it licensing fee low, just enough to cover the materials and costs for your program. Our focus is on making money with you from the projects, not upfront before you have clients.

Your licensing fee is $18,750. Once you start engaging and executing work for clients, you and E|E share the project fee on a graduating basis according to the level of advancement you are in the 3 tier ranking.

All of the fee details are outlined in the comprehensive offering prospectus that we will send you after a brief introductory phone call.


The average individual M/A Business Intermediary in the US nets an income of  $200,000 to over $500,000 per year. Most firms gross from $2 million to over $50 million in fees depending on size of the firm, how many agents , etc. This is a very lucrative business for those who are qualified and have the skills necessary to perform the tasks.


The average fee for a business broker who works with "main street" companies (up to $1 million in value) is $20-$50,000, and that is paid only if the company sells. The average fee for larger, lower middle market companies ranges from $250,000 - $500,000. In fact the average sell side project fee for E|E is $340,000 for a  $7 million transaction. 

As a licensed BI, you receive a substantial portion of that depending on the experience tier you are in at time of the project execution. As you gain experience, you advance to Tier II and ultimately to Tier III, where almost all of the fee goes to you and a small part goes to the company to cover overhead and profit.


Fees and fee distribution information is detailed in the Licensing Prospectus which can be obtained by contacting E|E by clicking on red button.

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