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Exit Planning

Handing over the keys for an exit plan

Just as a human being has a lifespan, so does a business. Most are either passed on to a buyer, to their children, to employees, or closed. As a business owner, whether you have a small or large company, there comes a time when you need to plan for your passing the baton to others.


The principals at E|Enginuity have been assisting companies and their owners with exit and transition planning for decades. You might assume that you will sell the company when the time is right, but don't wait until that time. Preparing the company ahead of time for the best value upon a sale is smart, otherwise, you will leave hard earned money on the table. Perhaps that time is several years away, in which case, you might want to grow the company for the next few years to maximize your sale price. We can help you with a strategic growth plan, help you find the capital for expansion and manage acquisitions for you as part of that plan.

Regardless of whether your plans call for a near term or future sale, close down or growth, as part of the overall exit planning, the E|Enginuity team is highly experienced in guiding you through the process. This is just one more aspect of the E|Enginuity Advantage.

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