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Executive Placement

Many times you need to replace the CEO of the company you just acquired, or you need a temporary 'parachute' executive placed in a C level role while a permanent one is found. We can provide you with either  a 'parachute' or a full time C level executive. Whether it be the CEO, CFO, CIO or COO, we can put that person in place.


Sometimes that fresh face who works for you and doesn't have the personal and community ties can act more objectively and make decisions in day to day operations that are more sound than the one who came with the acquisition. It is not always the case, but when it is, it is important to act swiftly and decisively. This can also be included in our transition management services.


Whether it is one of us for a Board position, or we bring in a senior level executive from our network of affiliates, you can be assured that we are there to watch your interest and in doing so, work closely with you and the company management team to implement the actions and changes necessary to achieve stability and low risk on your investment.


Contact us today for a confidential discussion about your needs.

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