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Due Diligence Investigations

For over 30 years, the E|Enginuity principals have been performing due diligence on hundreds of professional service firms. Because of that experience, the team doesn't waste time and goes directly to the key performance indicators that they know drive the business. Further, due to the unique aspect of regulatory and common law liability, as two of the most important  drivers in professional services industries, special attention is placed on compliance with regulations and licensing as well as the health and safety record of the firm.

But equally important, E|Enginuity takes it a step further. It can offer the due diligence as one comprehensive program or as individual services:

  • Pre LOI High Level Due Diligence

  • Post LOI Detailed Due Diligence


Further, for completion of the post LOI process, if you need a Quality of Earnings analysis, we can provide that to you, as we have a stable of 3rd party auditors with strong audit credentials.

One thing that sets E|Enginuity apart from just another investigator, is that it approaches due diligence in the same structure as it's Value Enhancement Audit, using 50 key performance indicators in addition to the traditional due diligence components. The results are thorough and organized with all data on a custom data tree, inside a cloud based data room for easy access.

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