Regional Directors

E|Enginuity is a mergers/acquisitions advisory firm that focuses on the buy and sell sides for firms in the lower middle ($5-100 million in revenue) and is in the process of setting up new licensed operations across the US and Canada. The model is one of licensed operations overseen and assisted by regional directors. As part of that system it is currently accepting applications for Regional Directors. A Regional Director is either an individual who has solid experience in the M&A fields, e.g. a business broker, investment banker, Business Intermediary, etc., or alternatively, a Regional Director can be an existing company, e.g. a business brokerage, management consulting firm, etc who "folds" into the E|Enginuity system and that former operation becomes an E|E licensed operation. As an integral part of the E|E Business Intermediary Licensing program, this position is one for only experienced individuals or companies in mergers and acquisitions to oversee and manage a region of several Business Intermediary licensed territories.

The Layout

The structure is similar to an Area Development in franchised operations. The company is executing in several phases the licensing of business units across the US and Canada. A licensed operational unit has a protected “soft”  territory of from 2-4 million population anchored with a metropolitan population area. There are ten (10) such operational units laid out for each region of a general population of 33 million. There are 10 regions in the US and two in Canada, totaling  up to 110 licensed unit slots.

Set up and Operations

Each new Regional Director starts by setting up its on licensed unit in his/her geographic territory as any other licensee would. As an experienced M/A professional your unit can serve as the model unit, where the non-experienced, but corporately trained new licensees can learn and receive field training as you interact with your and their clients.  Your territory might have its first licensee, in which case you are starting off with a boost.


Your unit should generate lucrative fees and experiences. The company anticipates that as you recruit and assist others in setting up their own operations, you will either hire an assistant or manager for your operation to free you up for more managerial roles with your growing number of licensed units. You might even re-license your unit to  another licensee and so forth. That will develop over time as you find your niche, i.e., running a unit yourself or managing other units only. Either way, that first unit you set up and possibly one other licensed unit will be the first one or two in your territory.

Financial Compensation

The financial compensation structure is set up very much like that in the franchising industries, with franchised units and area developers. As a regional director, you are not only responsible for your own operation but to oversee and mentor up to 9 others. Likewise, you receive a portion of the fees generated from each licensed operation in addition to your own unit.


If you are accepted, you will be given a discount on the licensing fee for your own unit compared to the introductory fee for other licensee applicants.  Of course, in addition to the licensing fee, you are responsible for your own working capital and set up expenses.


The income/fee structure for your own licensed operation is described in the Business Intermediary Licensing Prospectus.


In addition to the fees you receive from your own unit, you are paid an override of that paid to the licensee for each unit in your territory (including your own territory).


The compensation model is designed to encourage the Regional Director to steadily fill the available unit slots while working with corporate for its own territory to increase sales and therefore fees for the territory.

If you think that you might be a good fit for one of these slots, we are scheduling telephone appointments to go over the position in more detail including the details of the compensation model.

Please contact us at 1.877. 211.9773 or by filling out this form indicating two times you would be available and phone to call or you can send us an email at

Position Responsibilities

The regional director is responsible for five (5) primary activities:


  • Setting up his/her own BI licensed operation (can re license it later as the other units fill up)


  • Serving as the E|E principal assigned to the 10 licensed territorial operations / Business Intermediaries for all of the buy and sell processes with those BI’s and their clients


  • In conjunction with Company’s marketing and screening, to help recruit and install new licensed business Intermediaries to fill the slots in the region


  • On the job/field training to supplement the formal corporate training program for licensees


  • Overseeing and generally managing the region on behalf of the company

Training & Orientation

You will also attend the same initial training as the other new licensees (5 day, 40 hrs), in order to learn our approach to marketing and execution of the engagements.


Additionally, there is one extra day with the corporate office to go over the overall structure and management aspects of your role. Training is done is a very informal collaborate approach to enhance interchange of ideas and such.

A complete description with fee and income details is available by contract us.




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