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W. David Kimbrell

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Founder & Principal

Lawrence, KS

Professional Overview

Seasoned award winning serial entrepreneur in the environmental, pharmaceutical/life sciences and technology industries. Thirty years of innovation, entrepreneurial achievements in business modeling, growth design/management, business turnarounds and leadership experiences to technology/scientific based companies that had unique positions for sustained, profitable growth in their niche markets.


Expertise is centered in master planning corporate expansion/growth through rigid internal audit and controls; design of corporate growth and expansion through cloning, service/product diversification and mergers/acquisitions to result in market share growth and dominance and ultimate corporate value enhancement.


Specialty experience in designing and implementing national “roll up” multi-company consolidation programs in three industries, operational cloning, and process standardization, with the ultimate objective of market share dominance and exponential increase in share value, return on capital and exit ability for shareholders. Integrated into a thirty year career of building “for profit” enterprises, also gained prominence and expertise in environmental exposure, asbestos containing materials property damage, engineering/industrial hygiene kinetics of exposure and disease manifestation in support of various plaintiff litigations in the environmental sector.

Work Experience

Chief Executive Officer, The Enginuity Group, LLC

Lawrence, KS 

  • Founder and CEO of consulting/ M & A  firm specializing in Architectural, Engineering, Environmental, Construction and related professional service firms. Provides specialized strategic investigatory, growth, due diligence, and turn-around services to investment firms and corporate Boards in North America & Sell side Intermediary services to business owners..


Chief Executive Officer, G3

Santa Fe, NM

  • Founder and CEO of unique corporate audit/growth consulting firm. Provide corporate & governmental efficiency audits, business growth/expansion planning and growth management, corporate acquisitions and business sales/brokerage. Client projects are  performed by teams of specially selected independent consultants who specialize in corporate growth and auditing.


Chief Executive Officer, Florida Environmental Services

Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Designed, funded, and grew full service environmental laboratory organization from Roll up of four firms. Created synergistic market share capture and strong growth.

   Key Achievements

  • Achieved by Roll Up first environmental state law merger of top laboratories for market share dominance with improved company performance across four locations in GA and FL


Special Advisor/Efficiency Auditor, Governor’s Office

State of Kansas, Topeka, KS

  • Special Assignment with Governor Kathleen Sibelius’ advisory teams in her transition from campaign into Governor’s office.  Served on her Economic Development Committee with the Lt. Governor; assisted her directly with development of a new Office for Performance   Review of state agencies for restructuring of state organization, budgets and funding mechanisms; and conducted comprehensive efficiency audit of the Depart of Health and Environment.


Chief Executive Officer & Chairman Oread 

Lawrence, KS                             

  • Founded the first “contract pharmaceutical” company based on a creative business plan to take a molecule from discovery through the entire pre-clinical, clinical to commercial manufacturing of the approved finish dosage product. Assembled via a multi-company “roll up” of six (6) divisions of branded pharmaceutical companies (Oread Laboratories, Hoffman La Roche, Ciba Giegy, Merck, Blistech, Proceutics) and two (2) startups (Certipharm, Oread Drug Synthesis).

  • Designed an innovative “parallel path” drug development process which shortens development time line during both the pre-clinical and clinical stages. Trained client companies, eg, Pfizer, in this process for their internal development.


President, Scanning America

Lawrence, KS  

  • Designed, founded, grew and operated the first national. “assembly line” approach to raster-vector CAD version of “as built” architectural/engineering drawings to CAD files.

  • Set up company in a “hub and spoke” designed with 24/7 central processing center, with over 100 licensed/franchised service centers throughout North America. Pre-internet, so drawings were shipped overnight, and electronic “disk” of CAD files overnighted back and sent electronically using electronic bulletin boards.

  • Invented proprietary methods for “grading” of drawings for difficulty of conversion

  • Sold company in late 1992 to publically traded imaging company.


President, Hall Kimbrell Environmental Services

Lawrence, KS 

  • Personally designed and built from idea and a $20,000 loan, primarily by “roll up,” to be the largest environmental  assessment & engineering services organization in the US with highest market share by magnitudes during the 1980’s

  • Designed as hub and spoke, with central laboratory and engineering center in Kansas, with28 satellite operations build by a combination of “roll up” and project office conversion to operations with technical service processing, QC, data processing and laboratory services  in assembly line fashion serving 28 feeder operations worldwide.

Select Awards & Recognitions

Entrepreneur of the Year – US

For Hall Kimbrell by U.S. Small Business Administration. Rose Garden Ceremony by President R. Ronald Reagan – White House: US Senate and House Receptions, Acceptance Ceremony- National Press Club, Washington, D.C.


INC 500 # 9 Award

For Hall Kimbrell by INC Magazine, 9th fastest growing private company from 1984-88


Businessperson of the Year Award

For Hall Kimbrell by Baker University, Baldwin, KS


Entrepreneur of the Year - Kansas

State of Kansas by U.S. Small Business Administration


INC. 500 # 34 Award

For Hall Kimbrell by INC. Magazine.


Businessperson of the Year – Corporate 100     Ingram’s Magazine, Kansas City for 2 consecutive years


Entrepreneur of the Year –Technology Midwest Region

For Oread by Ernst & Young, CNN, NASDAQ, Sprint competition


International Entrepreneur of the Year - Finalist      

For Oread by Ernst & Young, CNN, NASDAQ International comp.

Publications and Speaking Engagements

  • Numerous Public Speaking Engagements in/for:

    • Business Schools/Graduate Programs

    • Environmental Conferences

    • Drug Development Conferences

    • Entrepreneurship Conferences

  • Over 100 Articles, White Papers and One Book

                            (available on request)


B.A. Chemistry & Political Science, NM Highlands University

Las Vegas, NM


Teaching Fellowship. Virginia Tech University

Blacksburg, VA


M.A.Political Science, NM Highlands University

Las Vegas, NM


M.S.Environmental & Public Health, University of Wisconsin

Eau Claire, WI   

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