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Company Adjustment

E|Enginuity examples of a motor engine needing adjustment

E|Enginuity knows that every company, and its owner(s), are unique. Not all companies want to sell. Not all want hyper- growth.  Many simply need a bit of help in achieving their goals. That is why E|Enginuity is not just about providing growth and sales management, but also here to assist small to midsize architectural, environmental, engineering and construction firms with an array of advisory services collectively geared toward internal adjustment to be prepare for growth or sales.


Even if your AEC company is running perfectly with every possible financial ratio in balance, all of that changes when you are preparing for an expansion or sale of the company.  What worked for you in your day to day operations, has to take on a different structure, if you are going to transition to another operating state. An organization structure for a $2 million per year company doesn't work for a $25 million one. Top heavy bonus and salaries, when you have 10 employees and you own the company, doesn't fit when you have 100 employees all with other opportunities.  QuickBooks works fine for a small company but if you are planning to start a growth program, it might not.  And depending on your services, basic off the shelf software works fine but it might not be sophisticated enough to take you to the next level.

The forgoing is about preparing to grow or sell, but what if things are just out of kilter? It happens to the best of companies. It is part of corporate life. Sometimes you just need some outside, objective help. And that is where E|Enginuity can step in. After all, we have been dealing with all of the possible problems that you can imagine and then some.  

Although E|Enginuity can probably help you with most every challenge, those to the left are some of the most in demand. Click on each for more information.

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