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The E|Enginuity Business Intermediary Development Program

The pandemic has had a profound effect on how we do business and created a paradigm shift in how we make our income. Many professionals are considering new careers while many like the freedom of working on their own from their own home or office with their future in their control and not from a boss 5 levels removed.

There are not many careers that offer such freedoms, with a nominal barrier to entry and speed of development than becoming part of the very lucrative and exciting world of Mergers & Acquisitions. Nothing could be more fulfilling than helping business owners transition their company for a sale or for planned growth through acquisitions. The work entails many aspects of sales, marketing, finance and accounting, and working with many players in the process, so there is never a dull moment. But, one of the best aspects of becoming a professional in this industry is that the compensation is one of the highest. Where else can you earn $25,000 for a single sale? or $250,000 when you provide the entire service? But, that is what Business Development Specialists (BDS) and Licensed Principals in The Enginuity Group make from one basic sale or one engagement.

But, naturally such fees come with having the right aptitude, experience, training and that magical ability to connect with CEOs, owners and other senior executives in companies. If you have what it takes, you can enter this world via the Enginuity Group's Business Intermediary Development Program. You can, depending on qualifications, enter at one of five (5) different levels and learn the business from the entry point to a fully certified BI. If you are good at B2B sales, you can start as a BDS. If you have some similar experience and wish to not only sell the service, but also to provide part of the actual processing, you could enter at another level depending on your experience and desire.  

What sets E|E apart from the other M/A firms and Business Brokers
  • 40 Solid Years of Buying and Selling Companies
  • Service packages include initial operational audit
  • No cutting corners, but entire process managed from soup to nuts unlike any in the industry
  • Process is organized and standardized for efficiency
  • Provide not only Buy and Sell side packages, but capital sourcing and numerous consulting services
  • Unique 100% Warranty/Guarantee
  • Our in-house marketing database largest in industry
  • Focus on Lower Middle Market, not Main Street
  • Principals come from doing not textbook, having built many fast growth national companies

Unlike a business broker who work primarily with smaller companies under $2-3 million in revenue, E|Enginuity works primarily in the $3-100 million revenue range where there is a bit more complexity and components involved in the selling or acquisition process.  The industry of buying and selling companies has minimal regulation and the quality of services provided to owners varies widely. When selling their baby after years of building it, it is not in there interest to have it handled by business brokers, but by professional M & A transaction advisory firms, and in particular M & A firms who have 40 years of experience and treat the process in a holistic, comprehensive manner rather than as one would list and sell a house.

Business Meeting

You can buy a business broker franchise for $100,000 and make $85,000 a year, or you can invest 10% of that and make $250,000 per year

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The Enginuity Group and its principals have been buying, selling and turning around companies for nearly 40 years. During that time, we have seen the common mistakes made by business brokers, accountants and lawyers in finding qualified buyers and managing the buy/sell process. We have seen millions of dollars wasted and/or “left on the table” because no one understood how to craft the best deal structure to maximize investment returns for their clients. The Enginuity Group will show you how it should be done and allow you to enter the very stimulating and lucrative world of mergers & acquisitions.

Program Entry Levels

Affiliate Program Entry Levels.png

Business Development Specialist if you like engaging with company owners, sales proficient, but not ready for the actual M & A processing, this might be for you.

Assistant Business Intermediary If you like sales, but also want to work on the actual M & A process, once you have some experience as a BDS, you can move to this level.

Associate Business Intermediary Once you learn the basics and have a few projects under your belt, if you want to have your own licensed practice, you can advance to this level.

Business Intermediary  Once you are a licensed principal you will advance to this tier as you gain project experience with a variety of clients and situations.

Certified Business Intermediary After more hands on experience you will advance to the most senior level in the company, where you and your agency are providing 90% of all the work for the clients.

As you advance through the levels of the program your portion of the project fees increase, as does responsibility.

Our years of experience has shown us that the business of buying and selling companies is very non-standardized and mostly unregulated.  Using our experience in standardizing components and processes of similar industries, E|E developed a simple and effective approach for the lower middle market Business Intermediary business. This standardized approach is incorporated into each engagement insuring a smooth efficient process.


Just like our services are comprehensive and orderly, so is our approach to distributing the services by way of the Business Intermediary Development Program.


If you have what it takes, would like the independence to makes a much or as little as you want, and be part of a dynamic enterprise with unlimited earning and personal development potential, you should consider applying for entry into the program.

With no M & A experience, start at the BDS level and learn. If you have experience as a business broker or other M & A professional, enter at a more advanced level.

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An E|E Licensed Operation means Standardized and Streamlined Processes and High Income

Whether you are interested in the sales postion as a BDS or have the experience already to enter as a licensed principal, you are supplied with everything you need to set up your own home based of brick and mortar operation. From initial training to administrative templates and materials, you are provided everything.

Do you have what it takes to become an E|E BDS or Business Intermediary? Click on the red button above for a complete 40 page prospectus and application

As an E|E BDS or Licensed Principal, you are part of an award winning group who have been buying, selling and correcting scores of companies over the last four decades. After so many years in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, they have taken, what is normally a very non-standardized approach to buy and sell side processes, and standardized them into a simple to follow package.

You set up and run your own operation with an experienced EE principal to work with you and mentor you through the journey.

The financial rewards are numerous. Most business intermediaries make well into the six figures. And even as a BDS whose role is high end B2B sales, a net income of six figures comes from only five (5) engagements at the company's average client size. The E|E fees are high and commensurate with the amount of work required. And the fee splits with E|E are very generous.


And the entry fee at the BDS level is less than $10,000, about  half the commission on your first engagement. This is a fraction of what similar packages sell for, and with much higher potential compensation..

The qualifications for being accepted to the program vary depending on which level you would like to start at. If entering above the entry level, naturally you will need to bring with you more advanced skills and education, but regardless of level you should possess all of the following:


  • Strong sales experience and aptitude

  • Familiar with corporate structures and operations

  • Basic familiarity with simple accounting and finance

  • Be an outgoing self starter with an entrepreneurial spirit & drive to succeed.

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