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On line or Face to Face Meeting

We are available to talk to you on the phone, set up a remote online meeting if you would like to involve several of your principals, or a face to face meeting at or near your operation. Because we know you don't want to alarm your employees, or start a rumor mill, we are very discrete. All communication is treated in the strictest confidence.

Remote On Line Meeting

May we suggest starting with a brief call or on line meeting? It is the fastest way to interact with E|Enginuity, to get the basics of the services, explore the motivations and goals of the owner and management team, and obtain a high level overview of the business. We can either talk by phone or by 'Go to Meeting', online conferencing from your computer. If you and EBX feels that there is a good fit, E|Enginuity can then meet with you at your location to dig deeper and potentially begin the engagement to prepare you and your company for the preparation process leading to the ultimate sale and post-sale transition for you and your team to a new owner. Just send us an e-mail or call to schedule your no obligation on line meeting with E|Enginuity.

Private Face to Face Meeting

Nothing can beat a face to face meeting to fully understand and appreciate the client motivations and company dynamics. E|Enginuity is available to meet with the owner and the team to go over all of the preliminary details about the company and potential services that would be appropriate for the client. By hosting us at your site or nearby for confidential discussions, the process of preparing the company for sale is greatly enhanced and provides increased efficiency. However, before expending the resources for such a meeting, we recommend starting with either a remote online meeting or attendance at one of the Value Enhancement seminars. Either way, E|Enginuity is here to help you get started to a smooth and professional process.

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