The Fine Art of Buying & Selling

a Company

The Secrets of Increasing Value, Growing & Selling Your Business for the Highest Price & Terms

Kansas City 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Keys to achieving the highest value for your company, whether it is for building a foundation for growth and expansion or to professionally transition to a strategic or financial buyer is what you will learn.


A one day, information packed, interactive course to share with you the creative tactics from a twice US Entrepreneur of the Year, and team who have grown some of the fastest growing organizations in the US, bought and sold hundreds of companies and has the insight into what makes a company have the highest value and strongest foundation.


This is not one of those high-pressure seminars to pressure you to hire a business broker. It is to show you what the business brokers do not tell you. It is a conference on how to get your company ready for either a sale or to grow and expand and the steps as well as little known secrets to maximize value in the process. 90% of companies are not fit and in shape to do either. To grow and expand, the foundation needs to be solid. To sell, you don’t want to miss one single item that a buyer wants to see and is willing to pay for.


You would not try to renovate and expand your house if the foundation can’t support it, would you? Then why would you want to try to take on expansion and growth without getting ready with a solid foundation? If you do, you risk it crumbling.


Likewise, if you are ready to pass the baton after years of hard work, why would you want to leave hard earned money on the table? Of course, you don’t want to do that, but believe it or not, that is what 90%+ of sellers do. The vast majority of companies are simply not in the shape they need to be to obtain the highest value under the best structure and terms. It is like marketing a house with broken windows and peeling paint, where a small amount of time and money would have provided a quicker and higher sale.



  8:30  -  9:00                Registration  - Coffee /Tea /Pastries

  9:00   - 9:45           Elements of Company Value- 50 KPIs


  9:45 - 10:30          Sprucing Up the Company - Keys to Value



10:45 - 11:30         Vertical & Horizontal Growth Techniques

11:30 - 12:15         Business Value and Valuations


12:45  - 1:30          Passing the Baton the Smart Way

  1:30  - 2:00          The Buyers - Which Type is Right for You

  2:00 -  2:30           Due Diligence  Streamlined




  2:45 -  3:15           The Deal Structure- How to get the Most


  3:15 -  4:15           Transitioning, Your Employees & Legacy

  4:15 -  4:45           Financing Strategies and Tactics

  4:45 -  5:00           Q/A & Discussion


  • What your company is really worth. No Hype, Just facts

  • Cleaning up the Office 101

  • What types of buyers would buy your particular type of company

  • Why operational and financial ratios are key to building a sound foundation for growth & sale

  • How to read an Income Statement in a way you never knew

  • Creative employment mechanisms that decrease turnover while increasing company value

  • How $1 spent in cleaning up will reap $1000 in your pocket

  • Why targeting brings better buyers at higher prices than broadcast marketing

  • How to creatively structure the sale to provide you with long term gains and upside

  • Creative tactics in the sale structure to protect your employees

  • How to Maximize Efficiency in the sale process

  • The keys to both vertical and horizontal expansion

A registration fee of $69 gets you


  • Morning Coffee/Tea

  • Buffet Lunch

  • Afternoon Refreshments

  • Presentation Outlines

  • Wealth of Knowledge on Value, Growth & Transitioning                                      

  • Conference begins at 8:30 and end at 5:00

  • Holiday Inn Kansas City Airport

  • Discounted rooms

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