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The Fine Art

Corporate Scaling

How to Exponentially Grow any Company by way of Scaling

The Grand Long Beach Event Center
Long Beach, CA

 June 28, 2022




When we think of growing a company, we think about hiring more salespersons, produce more product, buy more advertising, lease more building space and borrow more money to gradually increase a company's size and value. This is "organic" growth. Scaling is not that sort of growth but of course it employs organic growth as one of its drivers. Scaling is exponentially growing a company's enterprise value through a combination of growth methods, using various leveraging and structural modifications. It is a fine art that is not taught in business school, but learned by experimenting and doing and only a few M & A professionals have experienced it first hand and have the track record of scaling several companies from small ones to large national enterprises.

The founder of The Enginuity Group, David Kimbrell, and his team are well known for corporate scaling. They have received the Inc.500's #34 and #9 slots for ultra-fast growth companies, and won the coveted US Entrepreneur of the Year award from the President of the United States for those achievements. They took a $3 million environmental consulting firm and turned it into the largest environmental engineering company in the US in 7 years with revenues approaching $100 million with staggering profits. They designed a "never been done before" complex drug development operation and grew it from a first year revenue of $4 million to a one stop shop enterprise worth over $225 million in just 4 years. They have designed some very complex roll ups that employ the key components that drive such hyper growth for others and for their own ventures.  Now they are sharing that very specialized knowledge, derived from doing this for 40 years, with you.

Scaling first requires careful and thoughtful design just as a large office building or real estate development requires blueprints to make it a reality. It doesn't just happen. But equally important, it requires a commitment to growth and management of that growth by the owners of the company. It is not complicated for most companies, for designing and managing 5 key variables combined with the a moderate degree of leverage, most any company can be scaled to increase size, market share and value for its owners value in a relatively  short period of time and for a lot  fewer resources than most people realize.

If you have considered turning your company into a much more valuable enterprise, you have two choices: do it the traditional, hard and slow way by organic growth only, and based on a 5-10% annual growth rate, that $5 million company might be worth $6-7 million in 4 years; or you can scale it to be multiples of that in the same time frame. Which would you prefer?

The Event


This is a limited attendance event and registered on a first come basis. This 9 hour, information packed, interactive conference is to share with you the fundamental structures and step by step process of how you too can apply the same tactics for your own company that these presenters have done for theirs and do for others. It is a must if you are serious about making your company a powerhouse in your market and dramatically increasing corporate value in a couple of years.


There will not be a minute wasted for there is a lot to pack into 8 hours. So, although lunch is provided, we will be working through it in taking questions from the morning session; then back to tactics, metrics and tons of information, so be prepared to take notes.

The event will be held at the beautiful Grand Event & Conference Center in Long Beach, as centrally located as possible for our attendees across Southern California with free parking along with complete refreshments and meal service throughout the day.

Although the pandemic seems to be waning a bit, we do not intend to take chances with your or our health, so please be aware that we will be practicing CDC guidelines for COVID exposure with proof of vaccination and if not, the use of a mask throughout the conference as well as social distance seating arrangement.

We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach. Call us if you have any questions.




8:30  -  9:00                Check In  - Coffee /Tea /Pastries

 9:00   - 9:45           The Basics -  Growth vs Scaling


 9:45 - 10:30          The Tools and Starting Foundation



10:45 - 11:15         Designing the Expansion Plan

11:15 - 11:30         Types of Roll Ups. Which is for You

11:30 - 12:00         Four Elements of Corp Expansion

                      Lunch with Q  &  A           

12:45  - 1:30          Acquisition Mechanics

  1:30  - 2:00          Financial Leveraging for Acquisitions

  2:00 -  2:30          The Scaling Financial Model




  2:45 -  3:15           Cross Client & Service Fertilization


  3:15 -  4:00           Rigid Variable & Cash Flow

  4:00 -  4:30           Transition  Integration & Management

  4:30 -  5:00           Q & A & Discussion


  • Plan for steady growth by getting the foundation ready

  • The difference between a Strategic and a Traditional roll up

  • Acquisition leverage & creative deal structuring

  • Cloning, Seeding, Repackaging & Acquisitions and how to balance those ingredients

  • How to financially plan and fund the plan

  • How to use the cash flow of an acquisition to fund the acquisition

  • The critical value of cross client and cross service fertilization for achieving the objective

  • Finding and securing a target for inclusion in the assembly

  • Creative use of affiliates and acquisition options

  • How to financially model the growth plan

  • How to get started

Your registration fee of $249 gets you:

  • Morning Coffee/Tea/Pastries

  • Buffet Lunch

  • Afternoon Refreshments

  • PowerPoint Presentation Outlines (print and digital)

  • Notepad Portfolio

  • Sample Financial Models for Scaling

  • Wealth of knowledge on  expanding your company  by those who have done it many times over 40 years


Event Location 

        The Grand Long Beach Event Center

        4101 East Willow Street ~ Long Beach, CA

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022

  • Conference begins at 9:00 and ends at 5:00

  • Free Parking

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