Business Intermediary

Licensing Program Components


The BI Licensing program is now available in select markets in the US, and consists of everything you need to be a successful business intermediary of The Enginuity Group. That consists of:

  • A license to operate an E|Enginuity business advisory unit providing all the proprietary E|E services and packages.

  • Five (5) day initial hands on classroom training

  • A protected licensed Territory

  • National and Region Marketing - Public Relations

  • Once a Year Local Seminar for Business Owners

  • Ongoing training via video modules & webinars

  • A complete online CRM service

  • Corporate office support by senior M/A principals

Additionally the E|E Business Intermediary Licensing program includes all the tools you need to start and operate a successful business

  • Operations manual

  • Set of digital logos

  • Graphic style guide

  • Starting business correspondence package

  • Stationary templates

  • Starting set of brochures

  • Website linked to E|E site

  • Sample emails / letters

  • PPT presentations

  • BRE audit guide

  • Exec summary templates

  • Access to images online for teasers, CIM & lists

  • Pre LOI due diligence checklist

  • Post LOI due diligence checklists

  • LOI samples & templates

  • Database of leads/contacts

  • SPA /APA purchase agreements & templates

  • Closing checklist

  • Proposal template

  • Engagement contracts

  • Web advertising templates

  • Data room org template

  • CIM templates

  • Email marketing account

  • Central 800 number




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