Just as E|Enginuity is unique in how it delivers its various services, it is likewise unique in its fee structure. As with most things in life, one traditional fee structure does not fit all seller's best interest, nor does the traditional consulting fee structures fit all buyers' and investors' interests. Because of this very real phenomenon, E|Enginuity offers two totally different options for most of  its services for both the sell side and the buy side.

With E|Enginuity you have a Choice

Complete Eight (8) Component Business Sale Program

Option 1

Standard Commission Structure based on final purchase price with fees on a Lehman scale.*

Option 2

Fixed Purchase Price to seller *

*Regardless of option chosen, there is a set up/ mobilization fee and progress payments, both refunded from final E|Enginuity fee.

Advisory & Buyer/Investor Services*

Option 1

Time/ Hourly plus expenses

Option 2

Fixed Price based on defined

project scope plus expenses


*excluding AVD Audits and Valuations

Company Valuation*


<$5 million revenue          $950

$5 – 15 million revenue   $1450

$15 – 35 million revenue $1950

 >$35 million revenue      $2450

*included in Complete Sale Package

Note: all valuations require completion of data form, and required financials provided to E|Enginuity. Does not include site visit, and is done using the E|Enginuity market valuation model. See description

AVD Value Enhancement Audits**



Lehman Formula*

$2,500 per $ million for the  first $3 million of revenue plus


$1,950 per $ million for the next $3 million of revenue plus

$1,350 per $ million for the next $3 million of revenue  plus


$950 per $ million for all revenue over $9 million


* plus out of expenses

* add 10% for each branch operation w/> $1mm revenue


** included in the complete Sales Package