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Traditional Way vs The E|E Way

Buying and selling companies is as old as there have been companies to buy and sell. And like most industries there is a standard practice that 95% of the transactions are done by. As most houses are sold by hiring a broker/agent, listing the property, marketing it to the local buyers and oversee the closing, so have 95% of company sales followed. In fact, many business brokers came out of the real estate industry.


E|Enginuity is not in that 95% and neither should you be if you want to maximize the value and sales process efficiency for the company. Selling a company is not at all like selling a house - it is much more complex. It needs to have many more components to the process than what is provided today by the usual sales process by most business brokers. Who wins in the current way? It is certainly not the seller.

Just as you would not list your home without first a good cleaning, repairing broken items and maybe a fresh coat of paint, nor should you list your company without first getting it cleaned, repaired and in the shape to attract the best buyers who will pay top dollar with the best terms. But using this analogy, your company is most likely worth many times that of your house, which is further reason for proper planning, cleaning, and repair before it is introduced to the buying market. If such a clean up increased the value by only 5%, that is $25,000 for your $500,000 house but it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in your company value.

And finally, believe it or not, some of the worst horror stories of sales gone wrong is not with the sale itself but with the post closing transition. Since some of your sale price will most likely be tied to post closing performance, the transition is one of the most important aspects of the deal, but is almost totally ignored in the "Traditional Way" of brokers engaging sellers for the listing. E|Enginuity understands this, for it has decades of experience in transitions and that is why it is included in your Comprehensive Sales package.

  Traditional Components

Local Broker

         E|E's 8 Component

     Comprehensive Package


What's more, you have a business to run while the sales process in underway.  If you hire the local business broker who is most likely not an expert in AEC companies, you will spend a lot of time in meetings, meeting with tire kickers, due diligence and negotiations.


Because we know your business, we keep your involvement to a minimum or you can be involved in every aspect. You save a tremendous amount of time and, equally important, expense by working with E|E. Your legal fees will be less because we provide the entire set of legal documents. Your due diligence process is streamlined because we organize the data that we know the buyers want to see in a private digital data room. You will have more qualified buyers, thus saving you a lot of wasted time, because we know how to screen them and keep the tire kickers out. And most importantly, you make more money on the sale because we first help you get it cleaned up and the most presentable, and then we know how to negotiate on your behalf. This is the E|E difference.

The E|E Advantage

  • Total Comprehensive Package

  • Less of Your Valuable Time

  • Increased Value - Better Terms

  • Minimal Legal Expense

  • Managed by Industry Experts

  • Organized Data-Due Diligence

  • More Qualified Buyers

  • Creative, Experienced Negotiation

  • Quicker Process

  • Transition Management

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