Buy Side Fee Options

Strategic buyers as well as private equity firms have found the value in employing The Enginuity Group for some of its most important buy side endeavors. You can only do so much in house if you truly want to attain strong steady growth by acquisition. And that means engaging an outside firm to supplement your internal efforts.

There are numerous business brokers who claim to provide buy side services and there are some niche M & A business intermediary firms who can provide a bit more comprehensive targeting. But, there is no firm like the Enginuity Group whose very existence today as a Business Intermediary firm was built on decades of defining, targeting, sourcing and processing target acquisitions. They built many large firms by roll up. And building a roll up requires extremely creative sourcing and securing skills. Perhaps that is why so many buyers turn to E|Enginuity to either supplement or manage their buy side programs.

Because E|E understands that different clients have different policies and preferences in Buy Side engagements, it offers its client's two fee options:

Retained Engagement

Reverse Lehman

5% of the 1st $1 million +

4% of the 2nd $1 million +

3% of the 3rd $1 million +

2% of the 4th $1 million +

1% of all over $4 million*

   *based on total purchase price plus reimbursement of out of pocket expenses

 Advance Fee Payments

  • 3% Mobilization Fee

  • 1.5%/month Retainer

  • Up to 8 months*

  * actual no months varies with project

       target size from 5-8 months

Non-Retained Engagement

Reverse Lehman

  6% of the 1st $1 million +

  5% of the 2nd $1 million +

  4% of the 3rd $1 million +

  3% of the 4th $1 million +

  2% of all over $4 million *

    *based on total purchase price  plus reimbursement of out of pocket expenses

No Advance Fee Payments

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