The Buy Side Source & Secure Package

Growth.........Design, Plan, Execute, Integrate

Corporate Growth-Expansion


Growth is everything to a business. If it is not growing it is stagnating. If it is not growing at the same rate as the industry, it is losing market share to the competition. Growth and expansion is not only good for the bottom line, it is good for the employees so they can see the future with the company. It is good for the customers, and it is good for the community.

The principals of E|Enginuity are known for their expertise in designing and executing very successful growth plans.  In recognition of that growth, they were awarded the Inc.500's #9, 27 and #34 awards for growth.  And for two of them, they were awarded the coveted SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year International Finalist awards.

Although hyper growth, like these,  is not what most companies need, good well-planned growth is. Those recognitions did not happen by accident, nor will your company grow and, in the process, become more valuable by accident. It took comprehensive well thought out master plans with incremental steps to map the way toward the goal...... and then, carefully following that road map each step of the way.

It is not as simple as adding an office or hiring more salespersons. It employs many facets from cloning/seeding, to licensing, to re-packaging and acquisitions. Those components go together much like ingredients for a cake are combined at the right quantities, at the right time, with the right focus on each at a time.

Because of the decades of experience in designing, modeling and executing complex growth programs, the principals of the Enginuity Group can do this for your company. And further, you would be surprised to see just how creative your plan can be including minimizing the actual cash you need to triple or quadruple your size and value. Contact E|E for a confidential discussion. Click here to arrange a time for a telephone or Zoom discussion.


There are Four (4) Components of Growth and Expansion:

  1. Vertical Service Growth - adding more services for the same client base

  2. Vertical Sales Growth – selling more of your product to more customers in each market

  3. Horizontal Cloning - zipping up a minimum configuration of your current operation and planting it in a new area


  4. Growth by Acquisition - growth by acquiring other companies in different geographic areas with either the same or          complimentary services.


Some plans incorporate only one of these, but in most cases the most sophisticated growth plans incorporate more than one with a focus on the latter. If you would like to double or triple your size and value, you should consider engaging those who have done it time and time again and therefore have the expertise to do it for you.

If you are considering expanding to provide more coverage and a higher value, you owe it to yourself to talk with an E|Enginuity professional to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals in a planned, orderly manner.

The E|E Comprehensive Buy Side Package

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Success and efficiency begin with organization. With buy side engagements, the process has many moving parts, so help keep them organized, the program, like others at E|E, is organized into seven (7) modules/steps.

The principals of the Enginuity Group have built many companies over the last 40 years by multi company acquisition. In order to do that, they had to become expert in this very niche area of M & A. And because of that experience, they are able to organize, rifle shot the target, secure the target and assist the client in processing the acquisition to closing and beyond.

Additionally, with that same experience comes a unique ability to creatively structure transactions that require many times, less cash that one would imagine and provide other creative methods for folding in small companies with streamlined efficient creative structures.

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E|Enginuity is a Buy Side Shop.....Why?

  1. Rifle Shot Targeting (vs wide net targeting). This ability is due to having spent over 3 decades as buyers themselves and therefore have honed an incredibly unique approach to pinpointing the exact target and homing in for the engagement.

  2. Creative Transaction Structuring to leverage buyer’s cash and maximizing sellers total value

  3. Unique approach to small, niche “tuck in” acquisitions to streamline and reduce buyer cash outlay

  4. Principal in Charge. Every buy side engagement regardless of scope and size, is managed by a senior E|E principal and not an analyst

  5. Alternative Fee Payment Option for Clients

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