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The M & A Affiliate Program

In-house” Mergers & Acquisitions services through

The Enginuity Group!

Enhance your service to your clients by offering M&A services through The Enginuity Group

Many larger accounting, law, consulting, commercial real estate, and other professional service firms offer in-house M&A services to meet the demands of their existing and growing client base.  These additional services enhance their cores business for their clients, while creating additional sources of revenues and profits for the firm. Smaller firms typically cannot justify the cost of adding in-house M&A services, and therefore miss out on this very lucrative line of business and may even lose clients in the process taking their business elsewhere.

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The Enginuity Group’s M & A Affiliate Program changes all of that. For qualifying firms, you can enter the world of Mergers & Acquisitions through the M & A Affiliate program. You can choose the level of engagement from two options:

  1. Provide introduction and project coordination

  2. Provide #1 and also part of the project work 


Not only are you providing a needed service to your clients,you also earn a lucrative portion of the project fees.

                  E| Enginuity's services include:

Existing clients can benefit from these services if they are planning to sell or expand through acquisition now or in the future. Your new affiliation and M&A service offerings can attract new clients who might prefer to work with a smaller firm who can offer professional M&A services previously only available at the larger firms.

  • Sell-side packages for clients planning to sell their company.

  • Buy-side packages for clients planning to grow through  acquisition.

  • Consulting services to enhance clients’ operations and value

The best part is that The Enginuity Group’s Affiliate Program dovetails perfectly with the professional services you already offer without adding overhead.

Fill out Form or Contact Your Regional Affiliate Program Principal


  • Call Company: 1-877-211-9773

Here are just a few situations we encounter which led us to create this new M & A Affiliate program:


  • A client may purchase its accounting and tax service from a small accounting firm but will seek out a Business Intermediary, M & A firm, or even a larger competitor to manage the sale of their company

  • A client may call upon their corporate counsel to represent them at the closing for documents management, negotiation of deal terms and general advice, but will seek out others to manage the sales process.

  • A client may ask a small consulting firm to help them identify opportunities for growth, but then will turn to others to execute the M&A transactions inherent in that growth.

  • A client may ask a  commercial real estate firm to sell or identify a property as part of a transition, but contracts with others to sell their business or buy another business.


In each of these cases, the small professional service firm not only missed an opportunity for additional revenue but stood to lose a client in the process if a larger competitor offers M&A services in addition to similar core services.

Does adding M & A services to your offering sound like something you might be interested in?

Please provide the following information. Once received you will receive an email to schedule a short introductory call to go over the program and your firm's profile.

Thank You. We will be in Touch Shortly

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