Growth & Expansion

Growth is everything to a business. If it is not growing it is stagnating. If it is not growing at the same rate the industry, then it is losing market share to the competition. Growth and expansion is not only good for the bottom line, it is good for the employees so they can see the future with the company. It is good for the customers and it is good for the community.


The principals of E|Enginuity have assembled and grown several very successful ultra fast growth firms. In recognition of that growth, they were awarded the Inc.500's #9, 27 and #34 awards for growth? And for two of them, they were awarded the coveted SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. Although hyper growth is not what most companies need, good well planned growth is.

Those recognitions did not happen by accident, nor will your company grow and in the process become more valuable by accident. It took a comprehensive well thought out master plan with incremental steps to map the way toward the goal. And then, carefully following that road map each step of the way. It is not as simple as adding an office, or hiring more salespersons. It uses many facets from cloning/seeding, to licensing, to packaging and acquisitions. Those components go together much like ingredients for a cake are combined at the right quantities, at the right time, with the right focus on each at a time.

Hyper growth is risky but no growth is even more risky. If you are not growing in both revenue and earnings, you are falling behind as the market is constantly growing, so you need to at least keep up with that rate. The way to gain more value, is to work on larger projects as the prime and not the sub. This puts more dollars into you and your shareholder's pockets by growth and expansion.

There are basically three fundamental types of growth and expansion:

  • Vertical Service Growth - adding more services for the same client base

  • Horizontal Cloning and Expansion - zipping up a minimum configuration of your current operation and planting it in a new geographic area

  • Growth by Acquisition - growth by acquiring other companies in different geographic areas with either the same or complimentary services. 

Some plans incorporate only one of these but in most cases the most direct and fastest route to achieving serious growth is the latter. E|Enginuity can design a comprehensive growth plan, assist you in structuring the financing for the growth and help you manage it so that you can transition from where you are today to a larger more valuable enterprise.

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