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Acquisition Opportunity

One of the Largest Architecture Firms in the US

E|Enginuity has been retained by a very well known architecture firm to find a suitable acquisition or merger partner to take its continued growth to the next level

You may download the Executive Summary, NDA/CA and Buyer Profile by clicking on the buttons below. If, after review, you are interested in investigating this opportunity, please execute the NDA, complete the Buyer Profile and return them both to us at

After a review, we will then forward the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) for your consideration. If you are unknown to us, we will contact you for a brief call prior to disseminating the CIM.

This NDA has gone through several reviews and finally approved by the client. We realize that you might want to edit the NDA, but we would request that you do not as any edits would have to go to the client's counsel for review and approval. That process is slow and therefore would put you in a waiting period to receive the CIM and be able to discuss the opportunity.  Thank you.

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